Thursday, August 20, 2015

12M Patty in Kampong Cham 2010

I awoke from the former and carry out my work as usual, but strangely okay all day, I began to miss Voth. It's a feeling I miss that happen again after a period of 9 years I have lived without him Heart.
I finally heard from the province that I saw in the newspaper that he really Voth. My teenage memories appear back seems to be a new and disturbing feeling I breath.
I finally decided to see him to prison after almost a month. I have people who work in intimate part of human rights, and he encouraged me to look after weapons From my discussions with him. He has a duty and out of prison every month, and I go there easier than others .

Weapons work at a vegetable more inmates. I appeared in front of him shaking hands. My heart jumped Doc because for more than 10 years, his appearance did not change much. I stood with a group that respects human rights are checking the health of prisoners and always think that do not know anyway When he turned to me.
Voth worked quietly without speech or ignore what many around. His actions and his face did not change anything. He was still a handsome one of the most prominent among his uniform. I watched him in coma for souvenirs in more than 12 years ago emerged. I imagine myself in previous Ryland like weapon and the role of the famous art school.
Tears falling down my frustration wiping double armor lifted look. I quickly wiped his eyes and looked right at my lips ready to smile to After more than 8 years he had forgotten me. But the important thing is he does not appear to be ready to ready necessary to meet me here, because when he looked at me, he did not react at all, and turned out to somewhere else like never knew each other.
As he stretched out his hand to injections, I saw a large mole on his right calf, which I used to let him last bike I fell in Battambang. Shaped behind his weapon, I know you like me now, so is the beating heart to remind his youthful As one of the senior's situation, he can not let him get to know me. I came back out, sat at one end of the street crying.

Drug trafficking in the largest Khan 7 Makara, who was grabbed last night, yesterday was sent in jail Sar. "
Delay eyes first phrase of the article I read softly mouth lift routine each time. "The suspects arrested on the spot 8, including 5 in Phnom Penh and home 2 Another comes from the province. "
I fell liver enormity. The image may look confusing, but how well? Is from the province. I suspect almost 30 times 7, and 8 photos that are closed press and black panels eye to protect the identities of about 50 times before leaving feeling hungry breakfast and spent miss the past 12 years.

Battambang, 2000

- And grade it?
- Grade 9! (I said, by the sound of sobbing)
Each time, a teenage girl, always sitting steal silently swallow tears of loneliness under water. Today she has another partner who volunteered to sit listening to her describe sadness.
- The next day the next day, do not walk alone at night openly dusk so perfectly it look easy! Heard?
I did not answer, he said, adding:
- And am learning not to arrive later they quietly why nobody knows any help! Whew bumper inform the director again!
I looked looked at the weapon, which is talking to me like I am his sister. I wipe away tears with his hand, and sweep the indelible stain skirt recreational land. The weapons he ground clearance from the orange backpack my King. He said to me:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Go to City Trips with Friends

Available with a vessel carrying rubble mixed gold found in their yards circus von farmers say He enjoyed living in Borei district, Takeo province.

He continued: 'I have lived in the land of gold land that our ancestors had settled.

He said the destroyed artifacts remaining from the Khmer ancestors did not have any, but he hopes to assemble a lot of interest in order to sell tens of thousands of Riel.

His veins have many kinds of treasure that are scattered. When cleaning compound will encounter an ancient remnant of shrapnel, and Mr. von always digging vessel and beautiful bracelet original form.

While most people think of doing business artifacts such as images plucked from the dilapidated temple carvings to sell high value Angkor Borei district, about 70 kilometers south of Phnom Penh, the sale of ancient pieces Meteorology nonprofit just dish.

However, among the territory rich ancestral treasure this museum is a small

Facebook Collections share knowledge in Cambodia

In the social network Facebook has many kinds of knowledge sharing. Sabay from all three groups gained popularity through a member of the social network users.

1. Cambodian medical students

8 March 2015, the birthday of the medical students so far have involved more than four thousand members. According to the revealed glory CED washing one of the founders of this group said that this is a forum to share reasoning knowledge regarding the medical people who know how to be able to join a team, not just yourself.

Founder also added that our team is not a big team, but we want to be a small group This becomes a big place for sharing knowledge, because we also have the participation of teachers and also a professor of medicine.

The idea of ​​creating a Facebook group is to promote debate and mutual sharing of lessons and exercises Information related to the mathematical knowledge among all students who love math.

The young founders also said that the governor (admins) are always watching and always timely intervention without let someone use this personal interests aside legal and moral virtue.

For activism that had happened in the computer science student has observed that the number of members of the high school students love math, up from a year-on-year, particularly notable is the number of provincial and mathematical ability students are more progressive Students in the capital because they have the ability to be able to get information from the Internet and Facebook more than before.

Array also said that, I also have a concept to imagine any royal mathematics can turn it into a rich platform For students just click into their mobile app using their account, they can access their lessons at all levels learn new exercise Daily exercise competitive monthly download the file and find information and, in particular, could be talking about an exercise in the Forum is easy to upload images and write mathematical equations.

3. Low-level chemistry

Although the team chemistry, but all members can share knowledge from physics, mathematics.
Kheng of the founder of the group, which is more than 3 months old and more than two thousand members, said he first a former high school student of the throne Kampong Thom who love chemistry subjects because subjects in the exams students He also outstanding to pursue studies in math and physics.

Later, students of the Institute of NPIC engineers also decided to create a group of low-level chemistry, so that the next generation of students studied . Alternatively, the exam has also been tightened so that students prepare for the exam can help improve lacking charm Chemistry-related because some students do not know the right formula yet, so you can share and correction shortage.

Inactive because no governor will emerge (Admins) to check if the political immorality of pornography will not be allowed to post delivery. According to his suggestions.

Founder, the engineer also said that exercise lessons will be shared lower level in Chemistry To learn Diploma have the opportunity to research and learn to work and strengthen the capacity before the exam.

What about you a member yet? What do you think about the creation of such groups?

Khmer cake seller 3rd day of thousands of income Riel

This is the 3rd business since she moved to stay with his mother in the capital more than 10 years . Middle-aged woman from Kampong Speu province, 39-year-old told the first sister is engaged as a lazy seller Daun. This business does not seem to face due to the non-business personal, just help her mother-in-law stopped and Construction.

Making only short-term but also because a lot of the work force costs less income. Finally decided to take belongings sell our country like a cake baked pork leg (sometimes called soybean cake) cake ansaong convex cake. This new business is required to walk all the platform to meet people of all backgrounds to make its shame Early.

"I work construction, very tired, but I only found more than 1 USD per day, then I moved to sell it first, because I was investigating. Early felt embarrassed, but also seek commitments still ashamed of me ... I do not eat because I Could not ask for them to eat it. Now, okay, and work better than short-term use, and earn more than others, "she said.

The average child's mother, two sisters can profit 30,000 riels each day from the above items is more than half by the construction cost by 11 noon at the latest. Due to this girl that used to comfort her husband, who has a career as a construction business with denied.

She says, "He earns $ 7 a day like this, and I used to comfort him but he did not agree Unlike boys Moreover, it is the job of us and we are still ashamed. So there along with them. "

With a bike as a means older sister was leaving home at about 4 am toward Orrusey Market sister is taking the cake walk. Customers who buy cakes sister company employees and civil servants, especially construction workers who are closer cake with these ingredients will also cost less.