Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Khmer cake seller 3rd day of thousands of income Riel

This is the 3rd business since she moved to stay with his mother in the capital more than 10 years . Middle-aged woman from Kampong Speu province, 39-year-old told the first sister is engaged as a lazy seller Daun. This business does not seem to face due to the non-business personal, just help her mother-in-law stopped and Construction.

Making only short-term but also because a lot of the work force costs less income. Finally decided to take belongings sell our country like a cake baked pork leg (sometimes called soybean cake) cake ansaong convex cake. This new business is required to walk all the platform to meet people of all backgrounds to make its shame Early.

"I work construction, very tired, but I only found more than 1 USD per day, then I moved to sell it first, because I was investigating. Early felt embarrassed, but also seek commitments still ashamed of me ... I do not eat because I Could not ask for them to eat it. Now, okay, and work better than short-term use, and earn more than others, "she said.

The average child's mother, two sisters can profit 30,000 riels each day from the above items is more than half by the construction cost by 11 noon at the latest. Due to this girl that used to comfort her husband, who has a career as a construction business with denied.

She says, "He earns $ 7 a day like this, and I used to comfort him but he did not agree Unlike boys Moreover, it is the job of us and we are still ashamed. So there along with them. "

With a bike as a means older sister was leaving home at about 4 am toward Orrusey Market sister is taking the cake walk. Customers who buy cakes sister company employees and civil servants, especially construction workers who are closer cake with these ingredients will also cost less.